theresa brar is an accessory designer based in basel.
after studying textile and design at the university of reutlingen she decided to move to
berlin, where she worked for the fashion label adddress.
while she gained important insights into different fields of the fashionindustry,
such as collection development, visual merchandise design and distribution,
theresa discovered her passion for accessories, so she developed her
first jewelry collection in 2011. ever since she has been working independently
as an accessory designer. when it comes to fashion design shefancies simplicity,
so the focus can be even more on the accessory itself.
she loves to feel and discover different materials. most of her inspirations
materialize during her travels, when she gets in touch with new cultures
and their traditional handcraft. theresa’s approach to the process
of designing is very playful, she uses a simple aesthetic language
which gives each piece a touch of greenness.


rang rang is a ancient balinese weaving technique.
this magnificent cloth has striking geometrical patterns and is made of high quality and very soft cotton on upright hand looms.
the rang rang clutch collection is designed in basel and produced in bali by tradisi textiles. (tradistextiles.com.au)
the intension behind tradisi is to improve income and wellbeing for women and their families throghout indonesia and beyond.
to support women to continue creating textiles using traditional methodes such as weaving.
we have reached a time where overconsumption has led to production of goods that cause social and environmental disasters.
we are appeling to people who recognise these issues and choose to make conscious choices about what they purchase.


the jewelry is manly made from upcycled acrylic glass. the focus of each piece lies on the simplicity of the shapes and mirrors
the designer’s playful approach to her work. every piece of jewelry is composed of basic elementary shapes, which take us back to our childhood days.
the lightweight characteristic of the material offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to design.