theresa brar is an accessory designer based in basel.
after studying textile and design at the university of reutlingen she decided to move to berlin, where she worked for the fashion label adddress.
there she gained important insights into different fields of the fashion industry, such as collection development, visual design and distribution, theresa discovered her passion for accessories, so she developed her first jewelry collection in 2011.
ever since she has been working independently as an accessory designer.
when it comes to fashion design she fancies simplicity, so the focus can be even more on the accessory itself.
she loves to feel and discover different materials.
most of her inspirations materialize during her vacations, when she gets in touch with new cultures and their traditional handcraft.
her last project was created during her residence in bali.
she randomly run into a weaving mill and immediately fell for the beautiful balinese textile design.
Shortly after she created her first clutch collection.